Stable Isotope Copper Powder 99,999% 1,000 kg

Name of the Product: Stable Isotope Copper Powder fractions CU63/CU65 99,999%.

2.Total net weight: 1,000.00 kg (One thousand kilograms).

3.Packed: 2kg net weight PETs under argon.

4.Legal Owner:Mr. Sergejs Nasonovs Passport Number: LZ4037195 Valid till: April 7, 2026 Country of issue: Latvia

5.Storage: C. Steinweg N.V. (Haven 73, Ouland 3, B-2030 Antwerp, Belgium).

6.Solicitor: C. Steinweg N.V.*(Haven 73, Ouland 3, B-2030 Antwerp, Belgium

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